House Number Regulations (E-911)

Ordinance/Resolution Status

Properties with habitable structures are required to comply with the E-911 Emergency Response Program according to North Carolina General Statutes 153-A 239.1 and 240.  It is very important that emergency personnel can find you quickly for your own safety and welfare.

The size of the numbers placed on houses needs to be no less than 3½ inches tall. The color of the numbers to be placed on the house or structure must be in contrast to the color scheme of the house or building, must be reflective so that the number is clearly visible day or night, and be maintained in a clearly visible manner. The house or building numbers must be located within a three-foot perimeter of a house entrance where they are visible and can be read from the street or road on which it fronts. In the event a building number is not visible for 100 feet from the public street or road on which it fronts or the lot on which the building is located, or is landscaped in such a manner that the numbers cannot be seen from the public street or road, the assigned property number shall also be posted on the property at or near the property line at a driveway entrance or where there is access to the structure. The number may be posted on a rural mailbox if it is located as specified in this paragraph. If on a post, there must be a sign of standard size of 6” x 18” and the numbers on the sign must be reflective. The sign needs to be placed no less than 3 feet high and no higher than 5 feet from the ground, and must be vertical. It is preferable to put a sign at the entrance to the driveway or on the property line, to ensure visibility for faster response to emergencies. It is important that the area of the sign be maintained to keep the sign free of obstructions.

Signs to put at your driveway are available through Town Hall and may be ordered for $100.00, which includes the 6” x 18” sign (green lettering on white reflective background), a spiral steel pole, and installation. The sign may be ordered vertically for a post or horizontally to put on your structure. The sign only can be ordered for $50. Please make payment out to Town of Seven Devils. If you have further questions please call or stop by Town Hall to place an order.