Fire Pit Ordinance

Fire emblem


10.1 Fire Danger

The danger of fire in the Town of Seven Devils is of particular concern because of:

  1. The close proximity of houses to one another.
  2. The fact that fire travels much faster uphill than on level ground.
  3. The fact that there is only one main road into and out of Seven Devils.
  4. The fact that many houses are in the short-term (vacation) rental program and more and more want to build recreational fires.
  5. The fact that many fires are not totally extinguished before the fire keeper retires for the evening or leaves after a temporary stay at a house.

10.2 Building of fires and construction of fire pits:

UL approved fireplaces/appliances are exempt from the following requirements.

  1. Recreational fires must be in fire pit or receptacle constructed of non-combustible material.
  2. Fire pits must be no larger than three feet in diameter and the firebox must be at least two feet deep. Fire pit owners are responsible for cleaning the fire pit out as needed to maintain a proper firebox depth of two feet. The fire pit must be covered with an appropriate spark arrestor (screen).
    (1) Requires all owners of non-gas firepits to submit an application to the Fire Chief, or designee showing compliance with the requirements of 10.2. Permits are free.
  3. Fires must be no larger than three feet in diameter and two feet high (no bonfires).
  4. Use only clean dry wood. No brush, leaves, trash, construction material, wet wood, animal carcasses, rubber, or tires.
  5. Do not use any flammable liquids to ignite the fire.
  6. Fireplace must be 25 feet away from any combustibles. Not on decks or near structures.
  7. Fireplace or fire pits must not be within the setback area/line of any property.
  8. Fire must be fully extinguished by 1am. Fully extinguished means that the ashes are cold prior to leaving the fire.
  9. Fire must be supervised at all times and cannot be started prior to 10am.
  10. Must have a garden hose stretched to the fireplace/fire pit or a fire extinguisher near the fireplace. You must have the means to extinguish the fire on hand at all times.
  11. If we receive complaints of smoke or embers and have to respond we will make you extinguish the fire for the night.
  12. If we receive multiple calls to your house or you do not abide by the above, we will issue a citation and possible fines. 

10.3 Banning of Fires

The Fire Chief, Police Chief, or Town Manager has the right to declare a complete ban on burning if conditions dictate that a ban is necessary.
    1. $500.00 Fine for any outside fires during a state or town initiated Fire Burn Ban.

10.4 Abatement

The Town of Seven Devils may immediately abate violations of this Article by requiring fires to be extinguished by the property owner/renter/occupant. If the respective party does not extinguish the fire, the Town of Seven Devils is authorized to immediately extinguish any fire in violation of this Article.

10.5 Penalty

  1. First Violation - Written or Verbal Warning
  2. Second Violation - $100.00 Fine
  3. Third Violation - $250.00 Fine
  4. Fourth or Subsequent - $500.00 Fine


Article 10: Fire Pits and Recreational Fires is an excerpt from the Seven Devils Nuisance Ordinance.