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The Town of Seven Devils, North Carolina was incorporated by an Act of the General Assembly on June 30, 1979. The Act stipulated that the Town would operate under the Mayor-Council form of government; however, the Board of Aldermen amended the Town's Charter a year later, to operate under the Council-Manager form of government. The governing board was a four member Board of Aldermen until June 1991 when an Ordinance was passed further amending the Town's Charter to provide that the Town of Seven Devils would operate under the Council-Manager form of government and with a Council of five elected officials. The Mayor is selected by the Council from among its membership and is a voting member of the Council.

The Mayor and Town Council perform legislative duties, goal-setting, institute policy directives, as well as make legislative decisions related to municipal operations, zoning, development, and utility operations. The Council also approves the annual budget and approves certain purchases and service contracts as deemed necessary by the North Carolina General Statutes and the Town's Ordinances. In addition, the governing body is responsible for appointing the Town Manager and Town Attorney.

The Administration Department consists of four positions: Town Manager, Town Clerk, Finance Officer and Zoning Administrator. These staff members carry out the administrative duties of the Town. They are responsible for implementing directives and policies established by the Council, while supervising the performance of all Town operations. Other administrative functions include budget preparation/monitoring, purchasing, billing/collection, payroll, taxes and licenses, finance/investment, accounting, and personnel.

Seven Devils also supports a Volunteer Fire Department; a Police Department; a Public Works Department that is responsible for the Town's streets, buildings and grounds maintenance, and the public water system; Parks and Recreation; and Zoning Administration.