Vision Statement of the Town of Seven Devils

The Vision Statement of the Town of Seven Devils, given below, encapsulates the essence of this Comprehensive Land Use Plan. With these words, full recognition is given to the fact that the Town's natural setting is the stage upon which all aspects of community life revolve and depend. It is from this point that the work begins for maintaining a sustainable region of beauty that enhances the quality of life for all residents and visitors. With the adoption of this Vision Statement on June 20, 2000, the Town embarked on a clear course of action.

Part I

The Town of Seven Devils is a residential and recreational community whose citizens and governance are committed to managing its growth, with a primary focus on owner-occupied single-family homes and on the preservation and enhancement of the distinctive and irreplaceable natural beauty of its mountain setting.

The Town of Seven Devils is committed to managing its expenditures to ensure maximum benefit to its taxpayers. Primary focus is on services that provide for public health and safety.

The Town of Seven Devils is committed to exploring and developing cooperative relationships with neighboring communities.

The Town of Seven Devils ensures that all citizens are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness. All citizens are kept informed on issues relating to community development and governance, and they have opportunities to participate actively.

The Town of Seven Devils Town management, Town Council, and boards enforce all ordinances promptly and impartially. The ordinance structure is reviewed, monitored, and revised as necessary to reflect and support this Vision of the community.

The Town Council, all boards, commissions, committees, Town administrative departments and other groups created or supported by Town Council ensure that their activities reflect commitment to achieving and sustaining this Vision.

Part II

At least every five years after adoption or amendment, this Vision Statement shall be reviewed and amended as appropriate.